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The Finney Island Files 2: Disco Disaster!

The Finney Island Files 2: Disco Disaster!

Ash and Tabby are hiding out in Aunt Emmy’s lighthouse and spying on the alien invaders who have taken over Finney Island. When an opportunity arises to find the robot-making machine which has transformed their parents, there’s only one thing to do – gatecrash the Mayor’s space party and start fighting back.

What could possibly go wrong…?

A Rising Stars Reading Scheme book

  • A fresh and modern scheme that inspire children to keep reading with gripping stories written by top authors.

  • Broaden knowledge of different curriculum areas and tap into children’s interests.

  • Build essential comprehension and vocabulary skills required in the curriculum through the rich language.]

INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS meets THE GOONIES in this gripping, hilarious sci-fi thriller!

FINNEY 2 Disco Disaster

Ages: 7-9
Published by: Rising Stars, 2019
Illustrated by Kate Saunders
ISBN: 978-1510444195

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