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The Finney Island Files 3: Town Hall Terror!

The Finney Island Files 3: Town Hall Terror!

Ash, Tabby and Aunt Emmy have crash-landed in Finney Forest after escaping from Perseon V. They’ve even found the alien leader’s spaceship – but they’re not the only ones…

Now an unlikely team has joined together to stop the alien invasion. Can they make it to the Town Hall, find the robot-making machine and get rid of the robots who have taken over Finney Island?

A Rising Stars Reading Scheme book

  • A fresh and modern scheme that inspire children to keep reading with gripping stories written by top authors.

  • Broaden knowledge of different curriculum areas and tap into children’s interests.

  • Build essential comprehension and vocabulary skills required in the curriculum through the rich language.

INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS meets THE GOONIES in this gripping, hilarious sci-fi thriller!

FINNEY 3 Town Hall Terror

Ages: 7-9
Published by: Rising Stars, 2019
Illustrated by Katie Saunders
ISBN: 978-1510444379

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