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I aim to make my KS1 workshops captivating, all-inclusive, inspiring and fun!

I like to start by introducing myself and talking with the children about the different books they know and love. Then I read them one of my own stories, using a big screen projector and animated images to ensure that they can see the beautifully detailed illustrations. My workshops then show the children how they can use their imaginations to come up with bigger, better ideas, and to build their vocabulary so they can fill their stories with inventive and interesting words!

“Ross attended our ‘Words for Children’ event this year and immediately engaged the children. A Year One boy who has struggled to write this year announced to his mum that evening that he was going to be an author! He began his book as soon as he got in from school…”
Jill Nixon, Headteacher



In TEN DELICIOUS TEACHERS, a collection of foolish teacher are chased by a mischievous and greedy bunch of monsters! First, we read the story out loud with an animated slideshow and lots of calling back and forth. Then, I ask the children to imagine if one more teacher was in the book – perhaps even a teacher they know! What would your teacher be doing? Where could they be snatched? What might the monster be like? After imagining a whole new scene, we work together to build the text for the page – a perfect opportunity to try out their rhyming skills!

Suitable as a workshop for Years 1 to 2 – max 35 children per session


In SPACE TORTOISE, a lonely tortoise tries to reach the stars using the items he finds in the bin – everything from a spacesuit to a hot air balloon. In this workshop, we think about other items that the tortoise could have made from discarded objects in the park: a hangglider from newspaper and dental floss? A car made from burger boxes, with onion ring wheels? The only limit is your imagination!

“Ross was brilliant at involving the children’s thoughts and ideas. His follow up workshop produced some brilliant models connected to the story. The children had a fantastic time and created some super, imaginative designs!”
Mrs Blakey, Reception teacher, King Edwards Pre-Prep

Suitable as a workshop for Years 1 to 2 – max 35 children per session


In my picture book THE BUILDING BOY, a young boy creates a giant version of his architect grandmother out of bricks, glass and girders… which comes to life and takes him on a magical adventure!

Inspired by the story, each child designs their very own unique character from different objects – anything from vehicles to vegetables! As well as labelling each part, children are encouraged to include adjectives or even alliteration in their designs, stretching their imaginations and vocabulary.

“Absolutely brilliant! The children were so engaged and were desperate to create their own characters. Ross delivered the session perfectly for our Year 1 children and had them hooked from the start. He captured their attention and fired-up their imagination. A great workshop!” Mr Boydell, Year 1 teacher, King Edwards Pre-Prep

Suitable as a workshop for Years 1 and 2 – max 35 children per session


It can be hard to start a story – what should it be about? Who’s the main character? What happens in the end? In this specially tailored workshop, I’ll work with your KS1 class or year group to create the framework for a story which they can continue to work on after I leave – ideal for a termly writing topic. Whether your focus is creating characters, structuring stories, or writing a tale set in Victorian times, I’ll put together all the ingredients with your class to help them get excited about writing and release their inner author!

“Inspirational! My class couldn’t wait to start their own writing. They had plenty of ideas to put down on paper and I didn’t have one child who didn’t want to get started! Ross structured the session perfectly and even matched it to our topic. It has also given me lots of ideas for the teaching of creative writing. An invaluable experience.” Liz Richards, Year 2 Teacher, King Edwards Pre-Prep

Suitable as a talk or workshop for Years 1 and 2 – max 35 children per session.


In THE FINNEY ISLAND FILES, Ash works out that his parents have been turned into robots by studying their strange behaviour. They now wear futuristic jumpsuits, speak without emotion, and they’ve even stopped blinking! In this workshop, we think about what else his parents could have been turned into – Werewolves? Aliens? Mermaids? – and think about how we could give the reader clues by showing rather than telling. A masterclass in how to write between the lines!

Suitable as a large talk or workshop for Year 2.

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