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Events for Schools & Children – Ross Montgomery

“Ross truly inspired our children. After his visit, both teachers and parents noticed a positive shift in the reading and writing culture throughout the school. Non-readers became readers, sneaking sly glances at reading books under the table during lessons. Parents said that their children were asking for notebooks to record inspiration and story ideas. This has really raised the profile of English across the school.” Lucy Hanham, Thorngrove School


If you’d like a brochure with more details about my school visits, please use the CONTACT page to get in touch!

I was a primary school teacher for seven years, so I know all too well the impact that a well-run author visit has on a school. There’s no better way to get children excited about reading and writing, and understanding the value of books.

I visit schools all over the country (and sometimes overseas)  to instil children with a passion for coming up with stories. I run talks, workshops and activities from Reception all the way up to KS3 – anything from gifted & talented focus groups to whole-school assemblies!

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I’m represented by Authors Aloud, have Public Liability Insurance, and a fully-updated DBS.

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