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Max And The Millions

Max and the Millions

Nominated for the 2018 CILIP Carnegie Award

Max is used to spending time alone – it’s difficult to make friends in a big, chaotic school when you’re deaf. He prefers to give his attention to the little things in life . . . like making awesome, detailed replica models.

Then Mr Darrow, the school caretaker and fellow modeller, goes missing. Max must follow his parting instruction:

‘Go to my room. You’ll know what to do.’

There on the floor he finds a pile of sand . . . and in the sand is Mr Darrow’s latest creation. A tiny boy, no bigger than an ant. Luke, Prince of the Blues. And behind the tiny boy. . . millions of others – a thriving, bustling, sprawling civilization!

A civilization that needs Max’s help . . .

While Max and his newfound friend Sasha fight to protect the Floor from their evil headmaster, the people on the floor must fight to save it from being destroyed by all-out war. Together they have to learn to work together to save the tiny world in this hilarious, fast paced adventure.

“A wildly energetic ride in which even the smallest warrior has a big heart… inspirational.”
Daily Mail

“A delightful whiff of Monty Python… pure Douglas Adams… very, very funny.”
SFX Magazine

There’s a rich vein of Pythonesque humour on display here but also a keen satirical edge… A marvellously funny and original novel.”
Financial Times

“Deliciously clever.” Kirkus 

“A totally off-the-wall story that combines a fast moving plot with some great characterisation and truly wonderful scenes. An absolute must-read for children aged between 8 and 12.”

MAX UK cover

Ages: 8-12
Published by: Faber & Faber UK / Wendy Lamb US, March 2018
Front Cover by David Litchfield
ISBN: 978-0571333486 / 978-1524718855



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  1. Hi my name is skye at school we have been reading your book max and the millions of yours we are in year four and I wanted to ask you some questions. Fist I want to ask you your book would make a brilliant film ? .second I would like to ask you how you got the idea of max and the millions .for my third question what happens next after they go to the mountain. Xxxxx xxx ps I am 8 years old.xxxxx

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