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The Thing At 52

The Thing At 52


Ages: 4+
Published by: Frances Lincoln Books Ltd, 6th July 2023
Illustrated by Richard Johnson
ISBN: 978-0711279148 

There’s a Thing on my street.
He lives at number 52.
I see him sitting in his garden when I walk to school.

The girl didn’t think he had any friends, so she brought him a flower.
It wasn’t long before their friendship bloomed… the Thing was gentle and kind, and the adventures they went on were the best she could ever imagine.

But one day the Thing had to go and their adventures came to an end.

All Things have to go sometime…

In this poignant story, discover how small acts of kindness can grow into great friendships, and how the community you build from those friendships can provide comfort and companionship when you need it most.…

“A compassionate and inspiring story” – The Sunday Times

“A truly beautiful book that will cause many an insightful conversation between a young child and their parent, or teacher, when read together” – The Independent Children’s Book of the Week

“What a wonderful way to introduce the concept of loss, memories and new beginnings to children” – Grief Encounter

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